What Makes Integrated Facilities Management So Important?

What Makes Integrated Facilities Management So Important?

Workplace is quite often equated with just the employees and the administration. However, is it just that? What about the work infrastructure? The building maintenance, utilization of space and management of facilities? It becomes necessary to focus on the very aspects that make working possible for your team members.

So, how is it all managed? Does the core organization manage it all? or are there additional service providers allocated to handle the same? Having multiple service providers for handling different activities can be troublesome in the long run, as it becomes a time-consuming task to manage different sub-suppliers. In addition, you also need to have systems in place that will manage all this data related to equipment, facilities etc. This is where Integrated Facilities Management comes in.

Having an integrated & single facilities management vendor, who can offer expertise in multiple areas, and offer high efficiency can allow you to focus on your core business.

What is Integrated Facilities Management?

By definition, “Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) is a way of integrating many or alloffice and facilities related services and processes under one contract and management team.

Integrated Facilities Management approach streamlines operations, giving facility managers the ability to manage it all with just a single point-of-contact, making the whole process simpler and easier. When implemented properly, IFM can streamline communication between the organization and vendor, simplify the management of routine operations and improve productivity and ease of work across the organization.

Functions Covered Under Facility Management

The facility management doesn’t just involve managing people and utilities but also includes factors like compliance to the law, preventing hazards and routine day-to-day functioning of the business. Here are some of the functions that integrated facility management covers:

  • Mechanical, Plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • Waste management and disposal
  • Cleaning, Deep cleaning and housekeeping
  • Security& Vigilance
  • Gardening and maintenance
  • Pest Control services
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Stores and logistics management
  • Helpdesk services etc.

And more. For larger corporations, the list just grows and individually managing each function can be extremely cumbersome. Even for smaller companies IFM helps in streamlining the process and overall cost reduction.

What are the Benefits of Integrated Facilities Management Services ?

There are many Benefits of IFM services, but core & common benefits across any industry segment are as follows:

Process Streamlining: Using a single vendor for handling different functions makes the whole management process simpler and streamlined. In comparison to overseeing individual vendors and individual tasks, IFM makes management easier and provides better visibility, hence making management more effective, facilitates quicker responses to requests and less downtime for employees.

Cost Reduction:When working with different service providers or internal teams, there are chances for redundancy and overlaps. Aligning the costs of different vendors can be tough too. IFMS can ensure that inefficient and unnecessary costs are cut down. Moreover, managing a single budget is always easier and reduces material and vendor costs. IFM hence provides better services at a lower cost.

Best Services & Improved Performance: IFM helps in implementation of best in class-services, latest technologies etc.  It allows the organization to focus more on the company goals and involve less in micromanagement. Hence, they can focus more on strategizing without worrying about miniscule details.

The expertise of an IFM service provider comes in handy considering the complexities and integrational issues that often crop up. Logicon, is an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions provider that provides a range of hard and soft services either as fully integrated solutions or any combination to best suit client needs.

Get in touch for a one-on-one on how integrated facility management can work for your organization.



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