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Logicon recognises that the provision of a competent, responsive and above all a high quality of housekeeping cleaning services is essential to meet and exceed today’s varied service expectations. It is without doubt that first impressions gained on entering a building are strong and long lasting. Logicon’s objective is to provide and maintain a cleaning service that creates an aesthetically pleasing and socially acceptable environment that meets superior high standards of cleanliness which are both sustainable in its delivery and offers value for money. It is without doubt that first impressions gained on entering a building are strong and long lasting.

Our approach to give a clean & hygienic premise will be :

  • The best way to keep your business clean and hygienic is to schedule in regular cleaning, but you want to do this with minimal disruption to your working day.
  • As a Logicon client you can be assured that a cleaning schedule that suits your business is implemented. From full store cleans in the early hours before your retail units open, to evening cleans after office hours, and everything in between, you can rely on Logicon to create the optimum environment for your colleagues and customers.
  • To ensure you’re always getting the highest standard and the best value cleaning service, Logicon are constantly looking for new equipment, the latest techniques and more eco-friendly products. From using chemical free spray cleaners, to technologically advanced equipment, Logicon is always innovating to provide you with a better service.
  • When you need a consistent cleaning presence at your business, the Logicon team can be there to create an environment that is conducive to a productive and happy workforce.
  • From ensuring walk ways are clear of debris and adjoining surfaces are ready to use, to keeping washrooms fully stocked and clean, you can rely on the Logicon team to deliver.
  • Ensuring that your washrooms are always fully stocked, can minimise loss in efficiency and help to keep your premises hygienic.
  • It is important that cleaning products work well, are cost effective and are eco-friendly. Logicon selects consumables with the same care with which the team clean, with consideration for the environment and your budget. By ensuring that all suppliers comply with an Ethical Trading Policy and by partnering with a leading environmental friendly chemical supply company, you can be assured that products and suppliers are chosen with care.
  • Some cleaning tasks need to be done less frequently than others, but they are important and must be scheduled in to minimise disruption.
  • The nature of the cleaning will vary depending on your premises but can include deep cleans, high-level cleaning or even stripping wooden floors. A specialist cleaning team is often required, one that has the experience and knowledge to undertake any task they are presented with. Logicon has the specialists and equipment to ensure that any job is undertaken to the highest standards.
  • The Logicon team will collate any information needed so that all the required tasks can be scheduled in to a yearly plan, ensuring a fluid process with minimal disruption.
  • When it comes to some cleaning tasks, only a specialist will do. Whether the job needs specialist equipment, techniques or personnel, there is nothing that phasesLogicon’s specialist cleaning team.
  • The experienced specialists will use the most innovative and proven techniques, products and equipment to ensure the high standards you expect from Logicon.